Pope Baptizes Child: Internet Heads Explode

The situation via the AP through the WaPo:

VATICAN CITY — With wails resounding amid the splendor of the Sistine Chapel, Pope Francis on Sunday baptized 32 infants, and at one point in the ceremony told mothers to feel free to feed their crying babies.

And then, this: 

Among those baptized Sunday was a baby girl whose parents, who live in Tuscany, had some time ago approached the pope during an appearance at the Vatican and asked if he would baptize her, a Tuscan daily, Il Tirreno, reported.

The parents had been married in a civil ceremony but not in the church. Some local clergy balk at baptizing infants whose parents didn’t wed in church, but Francis readily granted their request, the newspaper said.

And then the Catholic inter-webs exploded.  Some Catholic takes:

John Allen of NCR.

Deacon Greg Kandra of the Deacon’s Bench.

Ed Peters with a canonist’s (church lawyer) perspective.

What Does the Prayer Really Say?’s Fr Z.

CatholicHow authors are cooking up a few posts on this.  Let the discussion begin in the comment box below!


2 thoughts on “Pope Baptizes Child: Internet Heads Explode”

  1. I had hoped to pen an inaugural post on the utter disgust for Pope Francis’ baptism of a child born outside the confines of a Catholic marriage. Instead, the internet is calm tonight. Outside of a few crackpots commenting on news articles, there are virtually no negative reviews of the Pope’s actions.

    Perhaps it’s simply too early in the news cycle. Perhaps the confusion over whether the young couple is unmarried or “unmarried” (with scare quotes to denote a civil marriage) has left some commentators idle. Or perhaps Catholic thinkers (or at least writers) have reached a consensus: a religion that encourages infant baptism should probably take those infants as they find them.

    Until then, I have to find something else to write about.

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