The Daily Word: Whose Spoils?

Elsa Wants the Grail
Elsa Wants the Grail

Today’s readings.

“Why then have you disobeyed the LORD?
You have pounced on the spoil, thus displeasing the LORD.”*

There is a natural temptation for the minister – in any setting really – to see the fruits of our labors as spoils, somehow being owed us.

Cue Else Schneider above: how often do we pounce on the graced gifts of God, thinking them our own?

God’s gifts and manifold graces aren’t to be held, but rather distributed.  And it is in distributing that the spoils only grow.

*Yes, the “ban” – that is the completely destruction (apparently) ordered by God is troubling.  For a clearer – though not perfect – look at the issues at hand, click here.


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