Blessed are the (Unsuccessful) Peacemakers

Editor’s Note: My grandmother passed away the day before Thanksgiving and my mother, along with her siblings, have been working to clean out her house and prepare it for sale.  My father scanned and emailed something from my “personal papers,” as he called them that he found there.  


In the seventh grade, amidst a vicious Town Council race, I wrote an essay for one contest or another in which I highlighted the (ultimately unsuccessful) efforts of our local pastor to bring the candidates to civility.  I’ve uploaded it as a .PDF here SKMBT_42314012109350.  I’m also posting it below as a .JPEG (click to enlarge).

The money quote, as it were, shows a remarkable lack of doctrinal on my part development since the seventh grade:

Even if the words and warnings are ignored, I  know that I noticed them and I believe that God will realize his [the pastor’s] attempts.  I recall a Beatitude that Jesus gave at His Sermon on the Mount, “Blessed are the peacemakers for peace shall be theirs.” Jesus did not say “Blessed are the successful peacemakers,” and even if none of our politicians listen, I still believe our pastor is a peacemaker.





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