Original Sin and Snow


At some point last evening, I began clicking the refresh button on my computer over and over again on the BC Portal.  I was looking, as were many other people, if Facebook is correct, for word that Boston College had cancelled its classes.  I have two classes on Wednesday: two classes that I love.  Both professors are always well-prepared and incisive, the class discussion is intelligent, and the material is relevant for everything I want to do when I grow up.

But I still wanted both classes to be cancelled.  Of course, I talked a good game in the run-up: I would work on papers, prepare readings in advance, spend a bit of time on my homily if they called off school.  But…

I knew that I really wasn’t going to put all that much effort into any of it.  I just… wanted the day off.  I wanted to do a lot of nothing.

Now I know this isn’t a very nuanced view, but for some reason, this speaks to me of original sin, insofar as it suggests I desired what I knew wasn’t best for me, but rather what I thought to be easiest.

And the worst part? I delighted in not doing much of anything today, other than checking some email, having a few beers with a  great friend, and shoveling snow.

Now, I’m writing this blog post, wondering where the time went and considering if a whole lot of nothing today was worth it.

And I think it was.  The acedia of our first parents rears its head again.



One thought on “Original Sin and Snow”

  1. In January 2013, the St. Anthony Messenger featured a reflection with a quote from Bern Williams: “Snowstorms are God’s way of saying, ‘You’ve been working too hard.'” I think there’s some truth to that!

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