NT Wright on the New Testament


Last evening I picked up the first volume of NT Wright’s series on the New Testament.  I found a pearl within the first few pages of the introduction.  Here is Wright considering how the New Testament ought to be read:

To place all or part of the book within a sacred enclosure would be to invite a dominical rebuke: my house is to be a house of prayer for all the nations.  Past attempts to keep it for one group only — the take-over bids by the scholars and the pietists, the fundamentalists and the armchair social workers — have ended with unseemly battles, the equivalent of the sad struggle for the control of the Holy Places of Israel.  This book is a book of wisdom for all peoples,, but we have made it a den of scholarship, or of a narrow, hard and exclusive piety.

NT Wright, The New Testament and the People of God, p. 4


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