The Week That Was

Some of the things we’ve been thinking about here at Catholic How over the last week:

Katie Morroni asked us all “how do you pray?”

Beginning seriously about a year and a half ago, I decided that I would like to become a student, or a fan of prayer. I like praying, and I like learning and absorbing everything I can about it. And I do not pretend to know a fraction about it. I’m fascinated by all the different ways people pray, and the little and big things we do in the process. The more people I ask about this, the more I learn and the more my patterns and perceptions are challenged.

Matt Janeczko remembered the great Scripture scholar, gone to God, Dan Harrington, SJ:

On Wednesday evening at his funeral and whenever I pick up one of his books, I’ll thank God for Dan Harrington’s vocation: making sure the Word of God was heard just a little bit more clearly each day.  

Not a monk, but a Jesuit: he walked, he wrote, he lectured, he answered, he graded, he cheered, he encouraged.  And now he’s gone to heaven.

Claire McGrath reflected on her experiences at Camp GLOW in Baltimore, and what it meant to learn acceptance, and not just tolerance:

How often are we encouraged to accept people who are different from us? We are constantly told to accept people with intellectual disabilities. To accept people who are experiencing poverty or homelessness. To accept people of different faiths. But is acceptance enough? The problem with mere acceptance is that it does not satisfy that deep desire within us to be loved and cherished.


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