Valentine’s Day is a Good Day to Stand Up to Domestic Violence


Now that the Super Bowl has passed, human trafficking has largely faded from view.  What is more, on a day to day basis, we can forget (especially those of us who do not confront it head-on), the heavy cost paid by women and men in situations of domestic violence.

Growing up, the idea of domestic violence was something that resided around my periphery: it was something that happened over there, requiring neither discussion nor attention.  Quite frankly: it was much easier that way.  And then, after working in a public health hospital and multiples parishes, having countless conversations with those whom have been touched by domestic violence, I can’t, in good conscience, not call it for what it is: a problem that the Church hasn’t sufficiently addressed in the past, or quite frankly, now either.  While I don’t know nearly enough to offer advice, what I can do is try to pass along resources.

Partially because it is Valentine’s Day, and partially because it’s never a bad time to provide resources to victims of domestic violence, what follows are two links to .PDFs to domestic violence resources.   Please read them, download them, and distribute them widely.  Print them out and put them wherever you can.  The first link is to a  resource sheet: Domestic Violence Resource; the second to a smaller 3×5 resource: Domestic Violence 3×5 Resource.

These files refer to Boston-area resources.   Please email if you have similar documents for other cities and towns.  We’ll repost them as able.

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