The Best Thing We’ve Read All Day: “I’m a Religious Person”

I’m going to try to start a feature wherein I like to the “best thing” I’ve read all day.  Figure it something to read when a study break is needed this afternoon or this evening.  

And so, without further ado, today’s entry is from Meg Felice:

I am a religious person.

I am also rather smart, not that my intellect has anything to do with being religious. Neither does being affluent (or not), creative (or not), political (or not), or curious (or not). All sorts of people are religious. Religious observance is not confined to the desperate, the certain, or the stupid.

The theory of evolution is just fine by me, though I should confess I’m not terribly interested in the origins of human life. I guess I’m too self-centered to worry much about what came before.

Read the rest here.


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