The Week in Review

Our most popular posts from the last week:

From our newest contributor, Ellen Romer, the “Hidden Hemorrhaging” in violence against women.

With sexual violence affecting so many, women and men, how much more can we do in parishes, high schools, universities, anywhere at all, to reach out to them and do whatever we can to help them heal and to prevent the hemorrhaging from happening in the first place? I don’t have all the answers, but I know I have to begin with these questions.

Standing up to the Domestic Violence from Matt Janeczko:

Partially because it is Valentine’s Day, and partially because it’s never a bad time to provide resources to victims of domestic violence, what follows are two links to .PDFs to domestic violence resources.   Please read them, download them, and distribute them widely.  Print them out and put them wherever you can.  The first link is to a  resource sheet: Domestic Violence Resource; the second to a smaller 3×5 resource: Domestic Violence 3×5 Resource.  Read the rest here.

And a guest post from Sara Knutson, rethinking Confirmation through encounters and meeting spaces.

One of the students on a recent retreat wrote this on his evaluation: “I feel like a changed Catholic.” I wish I could ask him more about what he meant, but I think he felt that sense of being met, and felt changed by it.


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