[Insert “Let Them Eat Cake” Joke Here]

The past few days have seen another Christian v. Christian throwdown online, this time over Arizona’s proposed bill that would allow members of the service industry to refuse service to same-sex couples on the basis of moral and religious objections.

The real fun began when Kristen Powers compared the bill to homosexual Jim Crow laws. And the internet exploded.

To help you make sense of and develop your own views on the tenuous balance between many states’ changing stance on marriage laws and the rights of individuals to follow their religious or moral conscience, we’ve gathered together a few logical, reasonable commentaries that deal with a variety of sides to the issue.  Peruse at your leisure, but there is one quote by Michael F. Bird that seems especially pertinent:

Christians live in the market place and think in the public square, we cannot retreat because we are surrounded by non-Christian culture, so there is literally nowhere to go. Our escape route is cut off, there is no cavalry coming to save us, there are no wagons to circle. So its time to set up shop, get busy as tinkers, tailors, and candle stick makers or  get on as journalists, academics, and pastors in the place where God has put us!

Proceeding alphabetically, chronologically, or geographically, Elizabeth Scalia’s consideration that Powers’ Jim Crow comparison is “a rhetorical bridge too far” is a good starting point.

Since much of this issue revolves around the ever disintegrating meaning of the word “tolerance,” Edward Morrissey discusses the growing intolerance of toleration.

For a good, general read on some of the the issues that have arisen from this argument, check out Tod Worner’s “‘Living Within the Truth’: Vaclav Havel and ‘The Power of the Powerless.'”

Is money doing the talking here? Rebecca Hamilton looks at the economics behind the issue. 

Michael Bird reminds us how to be a Christian in (but not of) our world.

Denny Burk provides some excellent commentary on the rather disappointing ways that the current argument has been conducted, especially between Christians.

Read, think, pray, decide.


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