Don’t Give Up All Sweets This Lent

“Look at the bees gathering thyme. Even though they draw from it a very bitter liquid, they convert it into honey because such is their nature. Similarly, Christians undoubtedly find bitterness in their mortifications, but in performing them they change them into sweetness itself. …

Devotion is true spiritual sugar, removing bitterness from mortifications and harmful effects from consolations. It removes disappointment from the poor, greediness from the rich, despair from the oppressed, pride from the favored, sadness from the lonely, and dissipation from those immersed in society. It is warmth in winter, showers in summer; it is an assist to the wealthy and poor alike; it enables honors and humiliation to be equally useful; it receives pleasures and sorrows with the same heart, and bestows on those who cultivate it a marvelous happiness.”

–St. Francis DeSales, Introduction to the Devout Life


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