Of Mountain Goats and Mountains: Guest Post


The first time I read this I thought, “Silly goat get out of the clouds.” But of course the real message here is that the pilots are flying into a mountain and do not recognize their error. For me this is what the season of Lent is all about. I often times make mistakes but look to blame the circumstances around me rather than seeking the true problem. During the season of Lent one of the things we are called to do is take a look at our lives and be honest about the metaphorical mountains in our lives.

As Catholics we have the sacrament of confession to get us back on track and help us with our journey. This Lent I am trying to recognize my faults and embrace them as my own so I can change. I think that this funny cartoon is telling us all to do that because if we don’t we will hit that mountain: and it would be rather hard to to change course then!


Matthew Patella is from Long Island where he went to Catholic school. From there he went on to study at The Catholic University of America, then Boston College and is now back at CUA. In between all of that schooling he took a year to serve as a Cap Corps Volunteer in Garrison, NY leading retreats with the Capuchin Province of St. Mary’s. When walking through book stores he has a tendency to end up in the areas devoted to philosophy, politics, and history.

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