The Best Thing We’ve Read All Day: Romero Edition

From Stephen Okey, a partial review of a biography of Romero, on this, the day of his martyrdom.

The lede:

“I’ve been thinking of how far a soul can ascend if it lets itself be possessed entirely by God”
-Oscar Romero

Over my spring break last week, I started reading Archbishop Oscar Romer: A Disciple Who Revealed the Glory of God by Damian Zynda. I’d been meaning to read it since I had heard her interviewed on Creighton’s Catholic Comments podcast (a podcast I highly recommend). One of the recurring themes in the text is the question of conversion, and Zynda frequently returns to the quote above, written by Romero in one of his spiritual notebooks (8). Although I haven’t finished the book yet, I wanted to highlight what I think is a really important contribution the text makes for people interested in the life of Romero.

The narrative most people are familiar with when it comes to Romero is that he had been a fairly conservative priest (later bishop) in El Salvador. In 1977 he was appointed Archbishop of San Salvador. Later that year, the assassination of his close friend Rutilio Grande sparked a dramatic conversion experience, after which Romero became increasingly dedicated to the poor, suffering, and politically/economically marginalized of his country. This ultimately led to his own assassination while presiding over mass on March 24th, 1980.

Read it all here.  And yes, I am ordering this book right now.


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