On Women in the Church

CatholicHow featured two reflections on women in the church yesterday.  Check ’em out and leave your thoughts in the com-box:

Ellen Romer contributed Being Bossy in the Church:

Have you heard all the commotion about Sheryl Sandberg’s ‘Ban Bossy’ campaign? The general point of the campaign is to stop using the word ‘bossy’ in a negative way to describe girls who are loud and assertive. A lot of opinions have been shared about this campaign, lauding its general idea, but calling out challenges with the specific approach of banning a word that isn’t necessarily gender specific. I have found myself falling within the mix of responses myself, but thinking more along the lines of being bossy – and being a woman in the Catholic church.

Read it all here.

Matt Janeczko wrote about the necessity of the church to create opportunities for women to teach, reflect, and lead:

Let me make this perfectly clear: the reason for my proposing this is not to institute some type of ordination consolation prize, or as a stop along the way to some type of doctrinal change: the reason is much deeper. The moral failure to hear – or, more practically, create situations, for women to speak – the voices of women impoverishes the Church as a whole and weakens its evangelical witness. It’s as impractical as walking around with one eye shut: you’re going to keep bumping into things for no good reason.

Read the rest here.


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