Gerson on Pope Francis: AM Morning Read

In today’s WaPo, Michael Gerson makes note of some of the ridiculousness surrounding the Pope/President visit, fanned by the media and other politicians.  Take for instance:

In the current round of coverage, we have been treated to comparisons between the approval ratings of President Obama and Pope Francis and analysis about similarities between the Democratic and the Vatican platforms. Obama supporters emphasize the remarkable overlap of agendas — on everything except life, marriage and religious liberty. In the run-up to the meeting, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) challenged Obama to “explain to the pope” his views on the Hobby Lobby case — while holding a libertarian political philosophy at odds with Catholic social thought on most points.

What is Francis’ secret? Here’s Gerson, quoting the inimitable John Allen:

This is among the least understood aspects of Francis’s revolution. “His path to reform is not changing the catechism,” said Allen. Instead, it is “creating a zone for the most merciful application of pastoral teaching.”

Read it all here.  It’s better than typical mainstream media religious reporting and opining.


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