The Best Thing We’ve Read All Day: Father Dan Mahoney

From the Globe:

The Rev. Daniel J. Mahoney rushed out of the rectory at St. Francis de Sales Church in Charlestown as soon as he heard “Mayday Engine 33” crackle over the Boston Fire Department radio he keeps near him.

Within minutes, he arrived at the wind-whipped inferno that had quickly engulfed a brick apartment building in the Back Bay. Then, the solemn duties that he has carried out as Fire Department chaplain for nearly a half-century began.

As the organized chaos of urban firefighting swirled around him Wednesday afternoon, Mahoney performed last rites on 33-year-old firefighter Michael R. Kennedy as he was lifted into an ambulance at the corner of Beacon and Exeter streets.

Kennedy and Lieutenant Edward J. Walsh Jr., who also died in the blaze, are the latest in a long line of firefighters who have fallen in Mahoney’s career. The number now is 51, from fires, from illness, and from accidents.

“Every time there’s a line-of-duty death, it triggers the memories and the sorrow,” Mahoney said wistfully Friday. “You get used to it, but it gets harder each time.”

Read it all here.


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