Holy (Week) Thoughts: Walking with the Lord

Holy Week for Barb

I went for a long walk yesterday around the campus of Boston College, and I could not go anywhere without seeing all the visiting high school students on their college visits. It is, after all, Holy Week, which means for most: April Break!! And yet I couldn’t help thinking that these young students were walking a path not unlike that of Jesus. They too are looking into the unknown that awaits them in college. They can see the end result, much as Jesus did, but the journey in between will be wrought with challenges, joys, insecurities, triumphs, and failures.

I am especially attuned to their angst as I am currently working with students on the graduate level who are trying to decide between BC and other schools for their theological and ministerial studies. At the end of the day, discernment always comes down to trust. Can a student trust that they will get the education they need? Does a student trust that they will get the communal and spiritual support they need to succeed? Will the student trust that a school is the best fit for them? Only trust will get them to take the leap of faith and dive in.

Jesus, as we heard in the Gospel account last Sunday trusted. He was afraid – even going so far as to ask the Father to take this cup, this path, away from him – but he trusted in the will of the Father that all would be fulfilled. And so Jesus takes the long journey from the Garden to the Cross trusting in his Father that the Cross will not be the end.

I think that during this Holy Week, we have a great opportunity to walk with Jesus in our own struggles and discernments. The prospective students I serve are looking to minister to the people of God, but the process of getting there can be challenging, time consuming, and expensive. We all have goals in life. The question is do we have the trust to walk with Jesus wherever that journey leads? This is the week! Trust in the Lord, and dive in!

Happy Holy Week everyone!


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