First Communion Thoughts


Today, I’ll assist as deacon and preach at our First Communion liturgy in South Boston.  Since the homily will be delivered from the well, I don’t have a fully completed text but rather some notes.  Here they are.

Do you ever get yelled at for eating too quickly?

I did!  All the time.  I’d be the first one done and my parents would ask me, “Do you even know what you were eating?”

I’d answer correctly: but that wasn’t what they meant.  They wanted to know if I had tasted the food, if I had been thankful for it, if I had really appreciated that there was food on the table.

And so, I ask you, second graders, as you begin your first Communion, do you know what you’re eating?

Yes, you do!

You’re receiving the Bread of Life for the first time.  It’s a promise that God makes to us that He will always be with us in a special way.  The best part is that all we need to do is come to this place.

Now I have another problem: I eat things – things that aren’t good for me – and after I’m done eating, I ask myself, “why did I eat that?”

Mature crowd (to the adults): you know this problem, don’t you?

For us, we may get to the same question about what we do here: why are we were, why do we come to the bread of life?

Our first reading, from the Acts of the Apostles, gives us the clue: the followers of Jesus are more than individuals, but members of a body – members of a group, not put together by family relation, but by the fact that we have all been claimed by Christ.

We come for the same reason the Apostles came together – the same reason why our grandparents came (maybe even to this same church) because we have seen the Lord working in our lives, working in our families – through good times and bad times. We have seen. We remember. We believe.

And now, we eat.


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