Nuns on the Radio

Not Quite the Nuns Sara Is  Writing About
Not Quite the Nuns Sara Is Writing About

It feels superfluous to do any writing about religious life this week, given that the topic was covered in depth in yesterday’s broadcast of “American Women, American Nuns” on NPR.

The hour-long show discussed discernment and religious life with three young women who have committed to becoming sisters and are now in various stages of formation. Vocation stories, myths about religious life, the declining number of women religious, and the question of women in the church all got airtime.

The guest panel is fairly diverse, representing three different orders (including one where habits are worn) and a variety of backgrounds. The reading list below the story is also worth a look.

Noteworthy to me was that I knew one of the guests as well as one of the callers to the show, and the two guests in novitiate (the third is about to begin) knew each other.

In the same way, when I mention religious life in conversation and someone recommends a good young sister to talk with, I’ve often already met the woman or heard her name. I was reminded again today that religious life is a very small pond.

But the conversation in that pond is worthwhile, so consider dialing up the podcast for your next workout, commute, or contrived excuse for procrastination.


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