A Carmelite Candidate Needs Your Help

Katie is furtherest left; Leah is next to her in the blue scarf.
Katie is furtherest left; Leah is next to her in the blue scarf.

By Katie Morroni

I wouldn’t normally post an appeal here for money, and trust me, I’m not entirely comfortable doing so. But I’m reaching outside my comfort zone because I don’t believe just $1,700 should stand between my friend and her beautiful vocation.

Leah has answered God’s call, and is seeking to become a Carmelite sister. She’s spent the last year as a candidate in California, praying with the community she hopes to enter. She’s been admitted to begin her Postulancy this fall with one condition: That she pay off her student loans and raise the money needed to cover her health insurance for her three-year novitiate. Over the last year, she has raised more than $20,000 and is now just $1,700 away from her goal! In order to begin the next step of her vocation, she must raise this money by Wednesday. THIS WEDNESDAY.

Will you chip in $10, $25, or $50 to help her meet her goal? Follow this link and then click on the PayPal donate button in the righthand sidebar to send your gift now. Just a handful of us donating relatively small amounts like this will make the difference for her at this point.

Leah became a friend when we met through Endow. We were in the same group together for about two years, and in that time, each encounter with her was full of more compassion, holiness, and fun. And each time we were together, those qualities seemed to grow and grow. She wasn’t yet considering becoming a sister when we met and first became friends, but it was remarkable to watch as she received and responded to the call. And how beautiful that we studied the life of Carmelite sister Edith Stein, St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross, during this process!

Leah’s story of conversion to the Catholic Church is inspiring, and I recommend that you read it in her own words; I surely couldn’t do it justice. The Coming Home Network recently published her conversion story, and you can also read about it on her blog. Endow also published a feature about her conversion and vocation call in their magazine this year. (Scroll to page 5.)

A gift of just $10 can be really impactful at this point. Please consider helping Leah financially if you are able, and please also keep her in your prayers as she continues to pursue her vocation.


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