Update: An Aspiring Carmelite Meets Her Goal!

As an update to my post earlier this week asking for financial support and prayers for my friend Leah, I’m overjoyed to report that she has met her goal in full! She raised enough money to cover her student loan debt and to pay for her health insurance as she moves forward with her preparation to become a Carmelite Sister.

Leah published the happy news on her own blog. Here’s a look at her joy and gratitude, beginning with an Edith Stein quotation she shared:

“The deepest longing of a woman’s heart is to give herself lovingly, to belong to another, and to possess this other being completely. Only God can welcome a person’s total surrender in such a way that one does not lose one’s soul in the process but wins it. And only God can bestow Himself upon a person so that He fulfills this being completely and loses nothing of Himself in so doing. That is why total surrender which is the principle of the religious life is simultaneously the only adequate fulfillment possible for woman’s yearning.”
— Edith Stein (St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross)

I am incredibly blessed beyond belief to be able to say that I am debt free, and that I will be entering postulancy this year. I can’t express the joy I feel in knowing that God is calling me to move forward. He has opened the door wide open, and I will run through it.

I have learned so much in my year of Candidacy, and it is humbling to think of everyone that supported me in so many way to enable me to move forward. I’m so very grateful.

Follow this link to read more about Leah’s her next steps for her vocation. And thank you all again for your prayers, your interest, and your financial support of this grace-filled woman. Please keep her and all the women currently pursuing the vocation of consecrated life in your prayers.

Today, on your feast: Our Lady of Mount Carmel, pray for us.


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