Join Us: Novena for Persecuted Christians


By Katie Morroni

With all that’s going on around the world, especially with regard to the bleeding body of Christ in Iraq, there is a temptation to think there’s nothing we can do. I know I feel helpless in this particular battle so far from my home, no matter how close I try to hold it in my heart.

As Tom Palanza Jr. pondered in his recent post, “what can a Christian in this situation do, and what can a fellow Christian (or fellow human) do for another in this situation?” (Follow this link to read his entire reflection on these important questions.)

One critical thing we can do is pray.

In my prayer life, I usually need some structure, else I wind up caught in my own little world of what I need — essentially asking the Lord to bend his will to mine, instead of the other way around. Praying frequent novenas is one way I’ve found to keep prayer centered, but not self-centered.

A friend recently turned me on to, and I’m writing today to invite you all to join in a novena for religious freedom they are leading this Friday, August 1st. You simply sign up for their email list, and they will email you a prayer each morning during the novena. I like these emails as a little reminder to pause. For more details on the novena, including a call for a Day of Solidarity for All Persecuted Christians on Friday, follow this link.

(After the novena is finished, they typically wait a short period of time and then start up another. You can unsubscribe before that time, or see if the next one may speak to your heart. I’m new to the list, so this will be just my second; their last pick was a novena to St. Anne, which I found beautiful and inspiring. Here’s a link to that novena, if you’re interested in praying it in the future.)

If joining the email list doesn’t work for you, you can of course still begin a novena of your own this Friday, and still join us in praying for this important cause.

What do you say? Are you in? Post a comment below to let us know, or connect with the CatholicHow community on Facebook or Twitter.


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