The Best Thing We’ve Read All Day: Christian Favoritism Edition

From the spiffy blog, Political Theology, comes a fascinating piece from SMU professor Kevin Carnahan.  He talks ecclesiology, Augustine, Rowan Willians, and Iraq.  In other words, no matter one’s take on his position, it’s likely to be the best thing you’ll read all day.

Carnahan’s main point:

The Church is not only a family, but also the body of Christ.  When the metaphor of “body” is deployed, the problem of favoritism for members of the Church becomes clear.  If the Church is called to be Christ in and for the world, it hardly makes sense to make protection of the body a primary concern.  Such is certainly not Christ’s example. Christ places sacrifice before glory.  Christ places concern for the other before concern for his own body.  The Christian life, both individually and communally, aspires to carrying this cross.  The Church has failed in its mission if it allows Christians to favor its own members.

Read it all here.  Disagree or agree in the com-box.


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