Things Medievals Say: Hope in the Cross


From the reading of Javier Soegaard:

Now is there hope of life for me, that I am permitted to seek the tree of triumph…For it my heart’s desire is great, and my hope of protection is directed to the Cross.  I do not possess many powerful friends on earth; they have gone hence from the delights of the world, sought for themselves the King of Glory.  

They live now in the heavens with the High Father, dwelling in glory. And every day I look forward to when the Lord’s Cross that I beheld here on earth will fetch me from this short life and bring me then where joy is great, where the Lord’s folk are seated at the feast, where bliss is eternal…

May the Lord be friend, who once here on earth suffered on the gallows-tree for our sins:  he freed us and granted us life, a heavenly home.

-From “The Dream of the Rood” ca. 8th-10th Century