And Then, the Communion of Saints


By Matt Janeczko, OFM Cap.

Last evening, I had the occasion to begin preparing for next week’s homily (Christ the King).  This is unusual, of course, because I was able to (a) keep my eyes open on a Sunday evening, and (b) I wasn’t in the midst of running to finish what I needed to finish before Monday morning.

The Gospel selected for Year A on Christ the King is the famous “sheep and goats” scene from the Gospel of Matthew.  I opened both William Barclay’s Study Bible for Matthew as well as Dan Harrington’s volume from the Sacra Pagina series.  This my normal procedure: read the Gospel several times (along with the other readings) and make a prayerful decision upon a theme that will be central to the homily.  From there, it’s a matter of looking through a couple scholarly commentaries to make sure I’m not making things up.

Long story short, I found a hook in Barclay, but also something valuable in Harrington.

Fast-forward to this morning: I double-check to the readings and realize that Franciscans celebrate Elizabeth of Hungary as a Feast: that means proper readings.  The Gospel: Matthew’s sheep and goats.

Enter again Father Harrington.

The communion of saints, biblical commentators wing, intercedes for me.



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