The Best Thing We’ve Read All Day: Pastor in North Dakota Edition


The meat:

“You’re part of something big,” Mr. Ray, 45, recently recalled the priest having told the couple. “And when you’re part of something big, you’re going to come under spiritual attack. But fear isn’t from God. God doesn’t push. God doesn’t rush. God is just there waiting for you.”

Father Gross has similarly been present since taking the pulpit at the modest church — bricks on the outside, cinder blocks on the inside — in the early summer of 2012. Like the other clergy members in town, most of them Protestant, he represents the stable, ordering force of religion in a region of the country being radically transformed by the bonanza of shale oil and natural gas.

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One thought on “The Best Thing We’ve Read All Day: Pastor in North Dakota Edition”

  1. Reblogged this on Coffee Batman and commented:
    “You want to sit down and talk about sports? I can do that….You want to tell me what you do on your rig? I’m authentically interested. I want to know who you are. And I want to help people realize that a relationship with Christ isn’t some ethereal, pie-in-the-sky, nuns-with-crossed-hands cute thing. When it’s 10 degrees out and the wind is howling, Jesus is a man who gets what you do. He even understands you use the F-word a lot.”

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