Happy Friday: 10 Links Worth Clicking


By Katie Morroni

Happy Friday, friends. Now that our daughter is 6 weeks old and I’ve mostly recovered from labor and delivery, things are beginning to settle down and life is getting back to normal. Of course, “normal” here doesn’t look anything like it used to, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. What’s surprised me most so far, amidst the newness of it all, is the overwhelming sense that she has always been a part of our family. God set her apart, and it has always been His plan for her to live and learn and grow and love as a member of our family. And His. What a gift.

As part of getting back to normal, I’m dusting off my computer to begin this new weekly series, Links Worth Clicking, featuring news, prayer resources, tweets, event announcements, and more. Here’s a few links from the last week or so that you may enjoy:

1. Good news (and yes, that’s a gospel pun) via The Catholic Register:

The Vatican will offer homeless people in Rome not only showers but also haircuts and shaves when new facilities open next month, the head of Pope Francis’ charity office said.

… [Bishop Konrad] Krajewski came up with the idea of building showers in St. Peter’s Square last year after a homeless person told him that while it was relatively easy to find places to eat at Rome charities, it was difficult to find places to wash.

2. Looking to revitalize your prayer life? Pope Francis gave a short lesson on contemplative prayer this week during a daily Mass homily.

3. This tweet:

4. Mark your calendars: PrayMoreNovenas.com, a favorite online prayer resource, is leading a novena to St. Michael beginning February 10th. Follow this link to sign up, and you’ll receive the short, daily prayer in your inbox each morning. I love the reminders to keep my on schedule.

5. Shopping for a Valentine’s Day gift that makes an impact? A Valentine’s Day Bundle (a necklace and pair of earrings) from Amazima Ministries provides 128 meals to children and provides sustainable income to the women who make the jewelry. (NOTE: Orders must be placed by 2/6 for Valentine’s Day arrival.)

6. Fellow mammas, check out this upcoming *free* event, The Catholic Conference for Moms (via Praying with Grace).

7. I highly recommend signing up for Fr. Robert Barron’s daily Lent reflections. (Stay tuned for more Lent resources in next week’s Links Worth Clicking post.)

8. In honor of the Year of Consecrated Life, the Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Los Angeles are leading a prayer drive to get 10,000 people praying for vocations to the consecrated religious life. You can join their effort and track their progress on their Facebook page.

9. Do yourself a favor: click through this slideshow of couples who have been married 50+ years and read their insights on lasting love. What a breath of fresh air. I can’t wait until this book is available in America.

10. And finally, this tweet:


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