Happy Monday: 10 Links Worth Clicking (Almost-Lent edition)

By Katie Morroni

In his homily last week, a priest in residence at my parish said that the most important thing any of us can do for Lent is to pray about it, asking how we should spend the time — what we might give up or take on to draw closer to God. Some of us have had the experience, perhaps, of giving something up that didn’t do much for our spiritual growth. Or forgetting why exactly we took on what we did. But if we pray about what to do, and listen to how we’re being called individually to spend this time, how could we be disappointed with the results?

As we begin reflecting on and praying about what we should do this season, here are some links and resources that may aid our efforts.

What will you be taking on or giving up this Lent? What other online resources have helped you in the past? Post a comment here, or join our conversation on Twitter by mentioning @CatholicHow.

1. A beautiful idea to consider from my friend Mary from high school on her blog, Finding Joy in All Things: 40 letters in 40 days

2. Worth reading: Why I’m not giving anything up for Lent

3. I’ll admit, the Stations of the Cross is a tradition that I’ve never really embraced. That is, until last year when I was lovingly nudged into it by a penance. But more on that in another post. For now, even reluctant participants like me might find this scriptural version fruitful.

4. Subscribe to Fr. Robert Barron’s homilies, available as a podcast or on his website.

5. Sign up for Fr. Robert Barron’s daily Lent reflections via email. Available in English and Spanish.

6. Pray As You Go has a number of tools available this Lent, including a retreat about the women of The Passion, Stations of the Cross audio, and more. Also using their daily Gospel reflections (through their website or app) would be a beautiful way to spend Lent.

7. Parents, teachers and those young at heart, take note: HappySaints.com has children’s resources for Lent and Easter available for purchase. (I backed their fundraising efforts on Indiegogo last summer and received a set of the Saints A to Z cards. They are adorable!)

8. Part serious and useful, but mostly ridiculous, you should have a look for yourself at the Archdiocese of St. Louis’ #EatMoreFish efforts. I have to give them points for creativity. Also, the fish fry map idea is genius.

9. An accessible guide to going deeper with the Gospel this Lent through reading, reflecting, and responding

10. The USCCB’s Lent calendar is interactive and has some good links within it.


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