Happy Weekend: 10 Links Worth Clicking, 1st Week of Lent Edition

Here’s a few links from the last week or so that you may enjoy:

1. Can’t get to DC for the exhibition “Picturing Mary: Woman, Mother, Idea” at the National Museum of Women in the Arts? Me neither. But there’s an online exhibit! Bonus: it was created by art history majors from The Catholic University of America, alma mater to yours truly and other CatholicHow contributors. Swoon.

2. In an upcoming Salt and Light interview, Archbishop Chaput asserts: “Pope Francis is never going to be tamed, nor should he be.” Boom.

3. As Emily Zanotti put it, “If you’ve ever thought that Nutella’s existence was proof that God loved us and wanted us to be happy, you were mostly right.” Here’s why.

4. A reflection centered on this important reminder from The Screwtape Letters: “The safest road to Hell is the gradual one.”

5. Here’s what blogger Sarah Reinhard WON’T be doing for Lent

6. This tweet, and the blog post it points to:

7. For those of us who can get “trapped by the externals of Lent,” read this.

8. Worth a reflection: Would you die for your ashes? Cardinal reflects on modern Christian martyrs

9. I hope this is fruitful — and if so, that its fruits extend beyond our community here in Denver: Conference to address challenges ’99 percent’ of parishes experience

10. And finally, this tweet from our Catholic How founder and editor in chief:


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