Happy Friday: 10 Links Worth Clicking, 2nd Week of Lent Edition


It’s been a much milder winter for us here in Denver than it has been for many, but now the cold temperatures and accumulating snow have finally come around. Weather permitting, my family and I are planning to visit with some extended family members this weekend. I’ve also got my sights on cooking something that will make the whole house smell good, like this pulled pork recipe — an all-time favorite. What are your plans for the weekend?

Here are a few links that you may enjoy:

1. Willy, the homeless man buried in the heart of the Vatican (Vatican Radio)

2. What a penance: “As part of your Lenten discipline, pray for your least favorite public office holder.” (First Things)

3. New York’s answer to the Sistine Chapel: Priest spends six years covering every wall of his church in vivid byzantine style religious paintings (Daily Mail)

4. Could Pope Francis travel to Ukraine? (Catholic News Agency)

5. LISTEN: The mystical transfiguration of Christ, a homily for the Second Sunday of Lent (Fr. Robert Barron’s Word on Fire podcast)

6. Why should I prepare for martyrdom? (PhilipKosloski.com)

7. Carmelite draws from life of Elijah for pope, Curia’s Lenten retreat (Catholic News Service)

8. False Teachings on Meditation & Contemplation: Sts Peter of Alcantara & Teresa of Avila (SpiritualDirection.com)

9. The ending changes the meaning of the entire story (Denver Catholic Register)

10. LISTEN: Gretchin Rubin’s new podcast, Happier (iTunes)


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