Happy Friday: 10 Links Worth Clicking, 3rd Week of Lent Edition

It’s warming up here in Denver, and we should be seeing highs in the 40s, 50s, and 60s through the next week! Is there anything full of hope quite like the sun after cool days and record snowfall? I’m excited for some snow to melt and to get back into a walking routine with my newborn daughter. What are you looking forward to this weekend?

Here’s some links from the last week or so that you may enjoy:

1. A lesson from the Transfiguration: to step out of our ordinary business when we pray (Fr. Barron’s Lent Reflections)

2. Lots to unpack here, but what struck me most: “86% of non-Christians do not even have a Christian acquaintance.” Whoa. (National Catholic Register)

3. A married couple will be canonized together for the first time! (Catholic News Agency)

4. Speaking of remarkable couples, a new DVD series about marriage (Augustine Institute)

5. National Catholic Journals Unite: “Capital Punishment Must End” (America Magazine)

6. 95% of Catholics who attend Mass weekly like the pope! (Pew Research)

7. This novena to St. Joseph begins March 10th for all husbands, fathers, and families; for those who are looking for work; and those who are nearing death (PrayMoreNovenas.com)

8. The pope’s reminder to love and serve the seniors among us (Catholic News Service)

9. This tweet:

10. Highly recommend this upcoming retreat on the Christian Meaning of Suffering in Denver (Endow)


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