Happy Friday: Links Worth Clicking


By Katie Morroni

Lent is more than halfway complete. It’s a good time to check our progress.

Lent has been very much a process for me, and I have fallen down more times than I can count. But I keep committing and recommitting to see it through, hobbling as best I can toward the joys of Easter.

How is Lent going for you? What’s surprised you so far in your journey?

Here’s a few links worth clicking from the last week or so:

1. Here’s a stark and much-needed reminder from Fr. Robert Barron: “I know how easy it is to domesticate Jesus, presenting him as a kindly and inspiring moral teacher, but that is not how the Gospels present him. He is a cosmic warrior who has come to do battle with all of those forces that keep us from being fully alive.”

2. Whoa. Here’s a headline I didn’t expect to read: Scholar Claims Van Gogh Hid Secret Homage to Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper In His Café Terrace at Night. Get this (emphasis my own): “According to Baxter, around the time that van Gogh crafted Café Terrace at Night, he wrote to his brother Theo, referencing the painting and claiming that he had a ‘tremendous need for, shall I say the word — for religion.’

3. I’m embarassed by how little I know about St. Patrick, but reading this article — about his time as a slave, and his advocating and empathy for others who were enslaved — made me want to learn so much more. The letter referenced? I’m going to try to track it down, especially in light of this (emphasis my own): “‘We do not have any other first person account of someone who was captured by barbarians and survived,’ the history professor explained. ‘We have nothing else quite like it.'”

4. A Mission of Love: “The Catholic idea of marriage and the family is a gift for the whole world. Catholics should give that gift away…” (George Weigel)

5. Called to Be a Saint (CatholicMom.com)

6. For those here in Denver, check out this upcoming Easter retreat. I’ve attended past retreats led by the Ignatian Spirituality Program of Denver and highly recommend their events.

7. What goes wrong when you’re always right (Unstuck) This article is intended as career advice, but I think it has insights on sin that are worthy of some reflection.

8. Jeb Bush, 20 years after conversion, is guided by his Catholic faith (NYT) I didn’t know he was a convert…

9. Keep a One-Sentence Journal, Be Happier (Science of Us / New York Magazine) PS: My favorite method? The Five-Minute Journal

10. How to Start Deeply Savoring Your Life (Shauna Niequist, via A Holy Experience)

11. For my friends on Twitter, here’s a worth invitation for this Lent, via Kathryn Jean Lopez:

12. And speaking of the Stations of the Cross…I haven’t listened yet, but this audio version from Pray As You Go is on my list to complete before Lent’s end:


One thought on “Happy Friday: Links Worth Clicking”

  1. My Lent has been a good one. I’ve given up my bed and I’ve been sleeping in a sleeping bag. Its been pretty good after I figured out that I should line the inside of my sleeping bag. Now I’ve been sleeping really good. I had a dream that someone was calling my name and I woke up and found it was just my sister yelling at me. Happy Lent and a happy Easter.

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