Happy Friday: Links Worth Clicking, Almost Palm Sunday Edition

By Kate Morroni

The beginning of Holy Week is just around the corner. How is Lent going for you? It’s not too late to dig in and make this a more fruitful Lent.

Here are a few links from the last week or so that may interest you:

1. The pope is encouraging us to pray for the “grace of joy.” (National Catholic Reporter)

2. 5 ways St. Joseph can help your Lent (Catholic Exchange, via Coming Home Network)

3. What Not to Say When Talking About Confession (right here on CatholicHow)

4. Ceiling Painting at Kenrick-Glennon Seminary (McCrery Architects, via Kenrick-Glennon Seminary) – One beautiful take on “the perfected heavenly realm” from my hometown

5. Pregnant but Still Want to Keep Lent? Here Are 8 Alternatives to Fasting (ChurchPop) — These ideas could apply to us breastfeeding mamas, too…

6. “There are always ‘Holy Saturdays,’ times when God seems silent.” –Archbishop Aquila of Denver

7. This tweet:

8. And this one:

9. “Which story are we living in? What sort of a king are we following?” (ABC Religion & Ethics) These questions and much more to consider from N. T. Wright as we approach Holy Week…

10. Pope: “May Holy Week help us accept God’s ways” (Vatican Radio)

11. The Passion Narrative of Mark’s Gospel (Fr. Robert Barron)


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