Links Worth Clicking: Holy Triduum Edition

By Katie Morroni

Here’s hoping this Lent has been a fruitful one — and that we may all find new meaning in both uniting with Christ’s suffering on Good Friday and sharing in the joy of His Resurrection on Easter.

Here are some links you may enjoy clicking as we head into the weekend:

1. Bishop Conley of Lincoln, Nebraska (and formerly of my parish here in Denver) led prisoners in Mass this week. His beautiful homily is here (“God is calling you men to be the saints of this prison.”) and the moving photos are not to be missed on his Facebook page.

2. Pope Francis’ reflection on Jesus’ final moments on the cross, at his general audience on April 1st:

“How beautiful it would be if all of us, at the end of our lives, with our mistakes, our sins, even with our good works and our love for our neighbor, can say to the Father as Jesus did, ‘It is finished.’ Not with the perfection (of Jesus) but saying, ‘Lord, I did everything that I could. It is finished,’” the pope said, speaking off the cuff.

3. …See also: The Way of the Cross, led by Pope Francis

4. Speaking of the pope, it’s a new month, which means the pope has new prayer intentions he’d like you to include when you pray. (Apostleship of Prayer)

5. …and speaking of the Way of the Cross, I’ve mentioned it here before, but now that I’ve started working through it myself, I have to recommend again the Pray As You Go take on the Stations of the Cross.

6. These nuns provide ‘death with dignity’ – but it’s not assisted suicide (Patheos)

7. The one thing you need to enter the mysteries of Holy Week (Word on Fire)

8. The Angelus at Work (America Magazine)

9. A beautiful take on 9 different kinds of silence — and worth a read as we enter into a time that benefits from a little silence and stillness (Brain Pickings)

10. An oldie but goodie: Harvard Business Review asks, “Why do we keep multitasking when it disrupts our concentration and saps our focus?” It’s an article written for business professionals, but worth considering for our prayer lives, too…

11. This reflection about Judas made me think. (Fr. James Martin)

12. Finally, just for fun… This is for those of us who wish we knew how to make something beautiful out of our palms after Palm Sunday:

Have a very happy, blessed Easter!


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