Catholic What? Catholic How.


By Matt Janeczko, OFM Cap.

More than a year ago, when attempting to fix a name to this project, we played around with numerous words bearing inquisition in their context: how, what, and why come to mind. After settling upon “how,” the question then became where “how” would reside relative to Catholic. First thoughts suggested “How Catholic,” presented as a question could work. Then we realized the polemical connotations explicit in such a moniker: and let’s be honest, isn’t there enough polemic (Catholic included!) on the interwebs these days? From there, we thought “How Catholic” as a statement would be the next best thing. The flow didn’t seem correct and, quite frankly, the transposition of a period and a question mark seemed likely. And so we become and continue to be “CatholicHow,” a website produced by Catholic young adults seeking to consider the many ways “how” to be Catholic in our post-modern (and in some ways, post-religious) world.

We’ve decided to reintroduce the website: many of the writers remain (thankfully) the same, but they’ll be focusing on more specific topic areas of interest and research: parish life, Catholic culture, the state of the Catholic internet, interreligious dialogue, and a uniquely feminist perspective on the issues that confront our Church and our world. Many of their biographies are updated too: they’ve gotten married, advanced in their careers, and changed the places they call home. We also have a whole series of new writers who we are most proud to welcome. They will take on heady issues like church finance and best practices, youth and young adult ministry, and the wide world of Catholic fundraising.

In all of our posts on CatholicHow, as well as our expanding footprint into the worlds of Twitter and Facebook, we hope that you’ll find an atmosphere of collegial debate, evangelical fervor, and the all-too-infrequent, but extremely necessary quality of not taking ourselves too seriously.

And so, welcome back to CatholicHow. We’ve missed you, Internet, and we hope we’re here to stay.


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