The Culture of Catholic Blogs, or A Word of Thanks

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Fr. Thomas Rosica, a long-time PR guru for the Church in North America, now an aide for the Church in Rome, spoke candidly about the culture of discord and division often found on Catholic Blogs.

I pray (and believe) that such a culture has never been present here.  Even more, I pray that I have never contributed to it through any post of mine, or any ignorant statement made therein.

Most of all, I want to thank all the writers here and all those who have read the entries here on CatholicHow (although we’ve been dormant for a few months!).  I have always found your posts and comments to come from a place of joy and curiosity, rather than from fear or judgment.

As we move forward and reinvigorate this forum of prayer, thought, and discussion I encourage everyone involved, writers and reader alike, not only to maintain this Spirit here but also to encourage it in other fora where perhaps it is sadly absent.

Thanks again to all.  You’re all great, and I’m honored to journey towards the Kingdom with folks like you.

Sortarican Out.

Vatican PR aide warns Catholic blogs create ‘cesspool of hatred’


2 thoughts on “The Culture of Catholic Blogs, or A Word of Thanks”

  1. Thank you for posting this! I too am in the process of creating a post siting Fr’s same comments. And I would affirm that I have only experienced Christ’s love present at your site! Hugs!!!

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