The Confirmation Project


Catholic How Contributor Brian Niemiec recently asked whether catechists, religious education directors, and theologians needed to reconsider how to go about preparing young people for Confirmation.  Read his entire article here.

We’ll be posting replies on to Brian’s article from guest authors, responses to his original post, and continuing reflections from Brian and the rest of the staff at Catholic How on our main page, but collecting all the links here.

(2.10.14) Brian Niemiec’s original post: Rethinking Confirmation.

(2.10.14) And some great comments.

(2.12.14) Sara Knutson’s guest post considering how to create “meeting places.”

(2.17.14) Claire McGrath knows that through Confirmation, we are not left orphans.

(2.18.14) Brian’s post encouraging cultures of encounter in our Confirmation programs.

(2.19.14 & 2.20) Nick Coccoma’s guest posts on rethinking Confirmation: Part One and Part Two.

(2.24.14  & 2.25) Tom Palanza’s guests posts on teaching the Sacraments in Confirmation class: Part One and Part Two.


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